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EarPeace HD Concert Ear Plugs Rs. 1,500.00 EarPeace HD Concert Ear Plugs

Musicians Quality Hearing Protection

INR 1500

Free Domestic Shipping

Engineered Performance

Delivering Clear Sound :: EarPeace delivers a ' flat attenuation response ' – meaning the sound is very clear. The frequencies are evenly turned down. The red filters that are preloaded in the plugs provide 20dB of protection.

Why EarPeace?

  • Sound Clarity :: precision engineered acoustic filters lower the volume without distorting the sound.

  • Superior Comfort :: made of super soft, hypoallergenic silicone. You'll forget you are wearing it.

  • Minimal :: discreet, 100% reusable and all in a premium carrying case.

  • Highest Quality :: most liked on Facebook, highest rated on Amazon.

  • Affordable :: at INR 1500 it’s the best purchase you will make today.

  • Exclusive :: EearPeace is available for the first time in India right here.

Each EarPeace unit comes with a spare plug in case you misplace one. *Only the red filter set is supplied (20 SNR)

INR 1500

Free Domestic Shipping


Noise Attenuation :: Doubling the sound pressure is obtained by an increase of the (sound pressure) level of 6 dB. Doubling the loudness feeling is obtained by an increase of the (loudness) level of about 10 dB.

Listen Up

You will have a better experience when you wear EarPeace. The acoustic filters are precision engineered to deliver superior sound-quality so you can still hear clearly. You’ll actually hear better and still be able to talk to your friends at a loud event. The earplugs are soft, comfortable and virtually invisible. Only you will know you’re wearing ear plugs. Great sound, comfortable, super discrete - all with a sleek carrying case.

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